Theme:Problem solving patterns

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This theme provides learners with an understanding of how systems arrive at decisions, and the points at which interventions can be targeted.


Expected competencies after study of this theme are:

  • Able to describe the minimum requirements of a system when making decisions
  • Use the Bounds general problem solving pattern to describe problem solving methods
  • Understanding the limitations of cause and effect descriptors for systems decision-making
  • Apply the Cynefin problem solving tool
  • Exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of the Bounds problem solving pattern and alternative patterns

Key Topics

  • What is problem solving?
  • Evolution of problem solving models
    • Scientific method
    • OODA loop
    • Deming wheel
    • DMAIC improvement cycle
    • Knowledge Life Cycle
    • Bounds general problem solving pattern
  • Problem solving tools
    • Cynefin framework